Over the years I’ve tried many experiments in experiential education and digital history. Here are a few endeavors:

Lumbee attorney Arlinda Locklear, the first Native woman to argue before the Supreme Court, came to UNC in 2010 for my Lumbee History class. Her full speech is on YouTube: “Reflections on the Lumbee Battle for Federal Recognition” (a collection of student digital history work between 2010 and 2013)

Generations: Lumbee Identity and Federal Recognition (a student podcast created in 2015)

Pride and Politics: 150th Anniversary of the Lowry War (a student exhibit created in 2015)

Justice, Sovereignty, Resistance: Indians Take Back Robeson County (a student exhibit created in 2017)

Lumbee History Photo Identification Project (a Facebook group begun by former UNC students in 2013 and now maintained by Lumbee tribal members)

Beyond my classroom, I’ve contributed in small ways to K-12 education through